Four Workshop Sessions – Sociocracy in School


As part of our EU-Project “SOCIS” we are offering four workshops for free!
For more infos on SOCIS in German click here.

Target Audience: Teachers and other actors of public and private schools, working with children of all ages.

  • Session one – 6. March 2023 17:30-20:00 CET – Sociocracy introduction –  Basic principles of sociocracy and how it can be applied in schools, followed by questions and answers.
  • Session two – 13. March 2023 17:30-20:00 CET – Implementing the four principles of sociocracy in schools – Case studies on how the four principles were applied to schools will lead us to discussions about specific issues and pitfalls along the subject.
  • Session three – 20. March 2023 17:30-20:00 CET – School actors and their domains: teachers, children, parents – Discussion on best practices and exchanges around school core actors and their sphere of decisions.
  • Session four – 27. March 2023 17:30-20:00 CEST (summer time) – Sociocratic teamwork & time management – Strategies on how to find time for meetings and ways to organize and lead effective meetings.

All workshops are held in English, will include a short input at the beginning and then allow plenty of room for exchange or individual issues within the topic.

NOTICE: Important for participants without former training or less practical experience in sociocracy: If you are interested in session two or three, please make sure to attend session one (sociocracy introduction) also.

Hosts and Trainers:
Florian Bauernfeind, CSE, Sociocracy Center
Werner Kratochwil, CSE, Sociocracy Center
Martina Paone, QUEST, Belgium