Sociocracy for All in Italy – Intermadiate Workshop Implementing Sociocracy

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Sociocracy (governance by the “socios”) is a way of running an organization so that no voice in the organization is ignored and we still move forward as a group in an effective and efficient way. A sociocratic organization will be just and relevant: you can work in alignment with your values, your purpose and in respectful collaboration with your peers. A sociocratic organization is dynamic and self-repairing. No meetings that last forever, no power games, no winners and losers, no decisions behind closed doors. Sociocracy is for everyone who dreams of a world where we all can make decisions as equals, reduce economic inequality and enjoy deep human connection – while getting things done that are important to us and our colleagues.



with Jerry Koch Gonzales and Jennifer Rau
WS Italy – sociocracy for all – dt-it-engl.-4



FROM 09.07.

TO 10.07.2017



100€ // for introduction participants 50€


[email protected]


[email protected] 


This workshop is open to those who have attended the introductory weekend or have equivalent experience. You know something about sociocracy, but how do you put it into practice?


In this workshop, we will use stories, role plays and short lectures to explore some of the many questions around implementing sociocracy.


How do I design an agenda that works?

How do I facilitate difficult decisions?

How do I deliver hard to hear feedback?

How do I build in clear doable measures into proposals?

How do I implement sociocracy in a small scale start up?

How do I implement sociocracy in an existing large scale organization?

What are the common mistakes in implementing sociocracy and what can we do about them? How can I keep learning and developing as a sociocratic expert?

How can I stay connected to others in the sociocratic world?


In choosing the questions to focus on, we will be designing our time together in response to the needs of the participants. This workshop will give participants a roadmap for implementation and an idea of the skills and training needed to implement sociocracy. This intermediate workshop is for everyone who is considering using sociocracy in their organization.


Cusanus Akademie Brixen – Bressanone

Haus St. Georg Sarns – Sarnes

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +39 0472 832 204