Politics From Below – The Neighbourhood-Parliament Concept, ONLINE 1st Sep.

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How to run a Neighbourhood-Parliament in European Context

The Neighborhood-Parliament concept started in India in 1995, founded from Edwin M. John and spread through the world through the Neighborhood Community Network NCN-world. Since 2010 they work with sociocratic decision making.

In November 2019 the knowledge arrived also in Middle-Europe because of the Sociocracy&Politics Congress in Salzburg. There we learned to know Edwin M. John, Source and Founder of the Neighbourhood Parliaments in India, and Joseph Rathinam, the Master-trainer of Inclusive Neighborhood and Children´s Parliament, one of the Directors of NCN-world. First Neighbourhood- Youth and Children´s Parliaments started in 2018 in Portugal, 2019 in UK and 2020 in Greece.

Because of COVID19-situation we synchronized our animators training with Joseph Rathinam to the 8 weeks online training of “A Fairer Society” which starts the second cohorte on 1st September 2020. https://www.afairersociety.com/neighbourocracy

The participants from all European Countries will be introduced from Joseph Rathinam into the concept of Inclusive Sociocratic Neighborhood-, Youth- and Children´s Parliaments, it´s purpose, how it works, what are the requirements, the way how to implement it, the obstacles and best-practices.

By participating in this program you will learn how to develop and run a Neighbourhood Parliament in your community by ACTUALLY launching and running one.



Community leaders, such as local Politicians, Youth activists, Process-manager (accompanying citizen-participation processes), Transition-Town-Trainer, Art-of-Hosting-Trainer, Sociocratic Facilitators and Certified Sociocracy Experts CSE, Citizens who are ready to commit to making positive change NOW by holding a space for local collaboration and community governance.

The program is running in English.

Your commitment as a participant:

  • Participate in two weekly learning sessions (90 minutes).
  • Complete homework, viewing recorded videos and talking with your fellow student.
  • Participate in online discussion group once a week by sharing progress and learnings and commenting on at least two other posts.
  • Actually launch a neighbourhood parliament (by any name) in your area
  • Develop your own integrity as a leader as best you can through practicing with your fellow course participants and the people in your community

Dates and time

Participants will complete an 8 week course. There will be two 90-minute sessions per week, with some practical homework and reading and viewing for additional depth. Participants will also have access to an online forum with learning resources and support from experienced practitioners around the world.

The training will start on September 1, 2020, with training sessions running twice a week for 8 weeks on Tuesday, 7:30am (8:30 CET-Vienna time)  and Wednesday 1pm (14:00 CET-Vienna time) . All sessions will also be recorded and available for participants to review. NOTE: These times may change based on participant needs.


Online via ZOOM


Pay what you can for the training between £100 (€110,78) and £400 (€434,12) with an additional £3 (€3,32) per month for ongoing online support.

Apply to join

Follow this Link and schedule a date with the organizers for your initial interview.



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