online sociocracy training in english – Module 1

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Module 1 – running effective meetings

The international network of local (upcoming) Sociocracy Centers, which we co-founded on Skyros (GR) in October 2023, has now jointly created an English-speaking training program that enables participation on all continents. The network currently includes five, some of them new, training centers, which follow the example of our Sociocracy Center’s training-curricula.

Governance Alive is the host for the current international schedule. The team of trainers can be found on this website, where the first 3 modules can also be booked.


Module 1: 4x 4 hours from April 10th – 17th, 2024
Module 2: 6x 4 hours from July 8th – 18th, 2024
Module 3: 6x 4 hours from October 28th – November 6th, 2024

Module 1 curriculum:

further information and registration:
The facilitator study-groups (which are mandatory to complete) and certification is offered from each Sociocracy Center itself. You will receive information from them once you have registered for a course. Register now.
After you have participated in these three modules and acquired the facilitator certificate, you can also take part in the online training for Sociocracy Consultants, which will be offered by the international Sociocracy Network in 2025 .

We are pleased to be part of this network, which enables us to now offer our successful sociocracy training program to an international audience.
Please forward this offer to your English-speaking friends and colleagues!