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Final online conference of our EU-Project “SOCIS”  (For more infos on SOCIS in German click here.)

The conference will gather experts in sociocracy and representatives of schools applying sociocracy. During the conference, the results of the project will be disseminated (research report, workshop proceedings and guidelines for schools to apply sociocracy) and a panel of experts of sociocracy in schools will be invited to offer practical experiences. Following, exchanges, networking and Q&A moments will be facilitated.

Target Audience: Teachers and other actors of public and private schools, working with children of all ages.

Date: 14.6.2023 16:00-20:00 (CEST)

The conference is held in English. Admission: Free

Hosts and Trainers:

Florian Bauernfeind, CSE, Sociocracy Center
Werner Kratochwil, CSE, Sociocracy Center
Martina Paone, QUEST, Belgium


Special guests:

Barbara Strauch, CSE, Sociocracy Center
Hope Wilder, SOFA, USA
Tobias Leugger, UNICO-School, Switzerland


Please use the form below to register.

If you have sent the form to register, you will receive the zoom link to access the online session a few days before the scheduled event. 




Dieses Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission finanziert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung trägt allein der Verfasser; die Kommission haftet nicht für die weitere Verwendung der darin enthaltenen Angaben.